Bayer Animal Health Teams Up with Clifford the Big Red Dog® to Teach Families about the Risks of Companion Vector-Borne Disease

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Limited-Edition Children’s Book Launched in Conjunction with International Companion Vector-Borne Disease Symposium

Bayer Animal Health collaborated with Scholastic and the iconic Clifford the Big Red Dog® to create a limited-edition distribution of Clifford Goes to the Doctor, a story that teaches children how to properly care for their pets. The custom book features tips for families on how to prevent fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, which can carry diseases, such as Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis – also known as companion vector-borne diseases (CVBD).

“At Bayer, we understand how important our pets are to our families and to our wellbeing,” said Dr. Joe Hostetler, Manager of Companion Animal Veterinary Service at Bayer Animal Health North America. “The topic of vector-borne disease can be complex, but is an important one to discuss given its prevalence and potential impact in our communities.  Clifford the Big Red Dog is the ideal character to teach children and families how to care for their pets, and as part of that care, we encourage pet owners to speak with their veterinarian about ways to protect their pets from parasites.”

The release of the limited-edition book from Bayer, Clifford Goes to the Doctor, corresponds with the International Companion Vector-Borne Disease (CVBD) Symposium, held in Miami from May 9-12, 2016. Each year, the symposium invites a group of scientific thought leaders to discuss current findings, as well as future trends concerning the distribution, pathogenesis, clinical implications, diagnosis and prevention of CVBD.

To unveil the limited-edition book, Bayer and Clifford the Big Red Dog, the beloved canine created by bestselling author/illustrator Norman Bridwell, visited the Coral Park Elementary School in Miami where Bayer Animal Health Veterinarian, Dr. Dan Carey, read the story to more than 140 first graders and addressed their pet care questions. Following the reading, first grade students throughout the Miami-Dade School District received copies of Clifford Goes to the Doctor to take home. Clifford-the-big-red-dog-4

“Pets can teach children valuable lessons when it comes to responsibility,” said Dr. Carey. “No matter how young, it’s important for children to learn good habits early when it comes to providing the best possible care for a pet.”

Vector-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease, heartworm disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, can be transmitted when parasites bite your pet and take a blood meal. Among them, Lyme disease, babesiosis and leishmaniasis are known to veterinarians throughout the world as a growing threat.  An important prevention measure is to use an effective treatment indicated for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, which can transmit deadly diseases to your dog.  Pet owners should consider a product that not only kills, but also repels.

Dr. Susan Little, a veterinarian specializing in parasitology and key thought leader also echoes the importance of prevention.  “I want to feed my dog; I don’t want my dog to feed fleas and ticks,” she said.

The 2016 International CVBD Symposium focused on key topics affecting the world today, including the transmission time of vector-borne diseases, as well as the latest findings on feline vector-borne diseases, ehrlichiosis in the US and leishmaniasis.

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